A non-commercial photographer.  My name is Dave, I am 33 years old and currently photographing around the Minneapolis - Saint Paul area and it's suburb.

I've been on and off in doing photography since I bought my first "professional" camera in 2009. Since the summer of 2023, I have realized photography is what I truly want to do in life and will no longer take "breaks" because it hinders my growth and decrease my accumulated skill set.

I want to grow out of the "hobbyist" state and eventually shoot commercially and professionally, for now I will remain non-commercial.

I've been using Pentax since 2009-2018 and since then, I've been using Sony equipment  and could not be happier. I know how hard it is to photograph with gear that is not capable enough. Sure, it's possible to take the shot but just requires more work, thus losing precious time and wasteful labor. 

Favorite color is blue, favorite movie is American History X, favorite song is It's My Life by Bon Jovi and my favorite book is Understanding Exposure.

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