I'm a hobbyist, a non-commercial photographer. This portfolio is strictly for showing my work.

"The Lord created you not because he had a set fate for you to follow. He created you limitless in possibilities. He created you because he knew he wouldn't if it is everything in life you could not of handled." Dave Le

I am 29 years old. My preferred music artists are John Denver, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bon Jovi, and Journey. Some of the movies I enjoyed most are American History X, The Godfather trilogy, Star Wars trilogy, and Shawshank Redemption. I enjoy eating pizza, I eat it at least once a week. My favored place to eat is Broadway Pizza. 

I've attended DCTC for one semester and never graduated. However that does not mean I am incompetent in photography. I am not the greatest but I try my best. I photograph everything made by God and men. I love to photograph everything, though especially cars, people, and animals. 

"Every life decision is a compromise. You negate every other possible outcome with every decision. You may not know it but you trade in at the same time you trade out with every choice. That's just life." Dave Le

In photography there is no such thing as being the best. I am continually growing and learning and there are no limit. No other are better than another, every photographer have their own unique identity by the way they visualize and capture time. It's not always about how skilled they are to photograph the perfect exposure, it's often mostly about the story behind why they captured the photograph. These reasons are the beauty of photography.

I strive to become better with every session and as I take pictures, there are reasons why I took it. But in the end, as I browse and see my photographs, I see it as something that holds more than just what I saw in the first place of why I took it. What I see from it, is it branches out subconsciously. I've learned something new from every picture I process.

Photography allows me to freeze time to view the past in the present and future. As I stare and envision that photo from the past, I can feel and hear what was captured at that point in time. The past can be a seen in present time and remain for future time. The past and present clashing becomes a binary universe in a sense.

My best pictures are my worst ones. My worst pictures are what gives me the ability to take great ones. Without my mistakes and often poor vision, I cannot stem and grow into making my photographs into something beautiful.

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