Dave Le has lived in Minnesota all his 28 years. He is a self-taught photographer who've taken a couple of courses at a technical college. Although Dave ended up not graduating, he is not incompetent in the field. Dave's aptitude for photography is unsurpassed due to his high level of focus and eager to learn. 

He has no specialty subject. Dave photographs everything made by God, men, and nature; He'll photograph people, cities, automotives, nature, macro, and others. 

Dave never settle with enough, he will always find better ways to improve his work through composition, lighting, and post processing. No matter the end result, Dave will go to the best of his talent to make it better. Finished productions by Dave Le is done to the finest of his ability. 

"I'm happy of where I am today. Although I'm not that happy at all, but it is as happy as I can get. If I were to change a thing of regret, I wouldn't be where I am today, I wouldn't be myself."
Dave Le

"The Lord created us with the ability to decide our own path rather than to make us in a series of events. He has done so because he knew he wouldn't have created you the way he did if you were created not strong enough to live the way he had imagined, through his own image."
Dave Le

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