In photography there is no such thing as being the best. I am continually growing and learning and there are no limit. No other are better than another, every photographer have their own unique identity by the way they visualize and capture time. These reasons are the beauty of photography.

I strive to become better with every session and as I take pictures, there are reasons why I took it. But in the end, as I browse and see my photographs, I see it as something that holds more than just what I saw in the first place of why I took it. What I see from it, is it branches out subconsciously. I've learned something new from every picture I process.

To me, my best pictures are my worst ones. My worst pictures are what gives me the ability to take great ones. Without my mistakes and often poor vision, I cannot stem and grow into making my photographs into something beautiful.

Photography allows me to freeze time to view the past in the present and future. As I stare and envision that photo from the past, I can feel and hear what was captured at that point in time. The past can be a seen in present time and remain for future time. The past and present clashing becomes a binary universe in a sense.

With being binary, other than just a connection of time, it also is a connection between myself and another being viewing my pictures. The photographs I take represents something greater than just an ordinary picture. It shows my type of style and when others see them, the way they see it, it creates a connection between our differences. My style is different from person to person but we are still connected as we are looking at the same photograph. Oh, our beautiful binary world and how it works.

My name is Dave Le and I am a photography hobbyist.

"I'm happy of where I am today. Although I'm not that happy at all, but it is as happy as I can get. If I were to change a thing of regret, I wouldn't be where I am today, I wouldn't be myself."
Dave Le

"The Lord created us with the ability to decide our own path rather than to make us in a series of events. He has done so because he knew he wouldn't have created you the way he did if you were created not strong enough to live the way he had imagined, through his own image." 
Dave Le

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